Proje Detayları


Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi, Elmas Sokak, No: 2, 34840 Pendik - İstanbul

Kullanım Alanı:

2 blok, toplam 2.600m2

İnşaat Yılı:


Proje Açıklaması

  • Expediting and securing all permits, licenses, inspections, sign-offs, and occupancy certificates required by jurisdictional agencies.
  • Coordinating and supervising work performed by trades and outsite suppliers for quality, completeness, schedule, and conformity with plans and specifications
  • Upon substaintial completion of contruction, examine work to assure efficacy quality and proper commisioning of equipment.
  • Developing a community relations program.
  • Provide the highest quality service to build-up the best result of the project as the agreement between 2 sites.